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FLOOD / SEWER Cleanup & Restoration

-Our Technicians are Trained in Structural Drying & Water Damage Protocol-

When CALAMITY STRIKES, You Should Always Put Your Property and Belongings in Trusted Hands!

All insurance policies require the property owner to be solely responsible to promptly mitigate any loss as soon as possible.

This is imparative especially in these situations. Science shows us that all indoor water damaged environments must be extracted of excess water and have the structural drying process in-place, within 24 - 48 hours following the initial loss. This is due to the higher levels of water activity associated with a flooded environment. Without continuous monitoring by`trained professionals you put your environment at an extreem risk of being a breeding ground for new mold spores; which in turn will substantially escalate the remediation costs.

The monitoring and structural drying of buildings today is based on the art of science!

When we started in the 1970's this type of work was performed with visual inspections only and a calculated guess at to when the building was sufficiently dry. Today science and technology has revolutionized the monitoring and structural drying process. Our technicians are educated to utilize these current processes; therefore taking the guesswork out of the final decision; is the structure sufficiently dried and back to pre-loss condition.

It is important to have experianced professionals working with you to make sure every aspect is addressed!

Our education and experiance can be extreemly valuable in saving you time and money. The goal is to uncover all of the water damage and perform the cleanup, structural drying and the necessary remediation.

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